Shroat Developer has existed in the Murray, KY area for many years. We are owned by Edward Shroat and managed by Nelson Shroat. Edward Shroat was born and raised in Murray, where he began developing property in the 60's.  Since 2004, Shroat Developer has focused more on the management of current properties and less on property development. We offer both commercial/retail property and residential apartments for lease at competitive rates.  Commercial/retail space ranges from 700 sq ft up to 2,100+ sq ft. Commercial space can be modified to meet individual bushiness needs. Residential apartments are all 2 bedroom with car ports. The size of the apartments and number of bathrooms vary. All property leases are only one year in length.
If you are in need of office space, a retail location or an attractive and comfortable 2 bedroom apartment, please give us a call to find out what we can do to help you.

Shroat Developer
Nelson Shroat
Property Manager
Murray, KY  42071