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Welcome from Carolyn Todd, Chamber of Commerce Board Chairman

Welcome to Murray and Calloway County, KY - a great place to live, work and play. Nestled between America’s Heartland and the Land Between the Lakes, this seemingly quiet little community is bustling with activity. With an eye on the future while holding to our agricultural roots and a nationally-ranked university of close to 11,000 students, Murray-Calloway County sees progress through thriving business, excellent schools, and an outstanding quality of life for all.

Murray-Calloway County has something to offer everyone. The retiree looking for a good place to spend their golden years can look no further than Murray-Calloway County. Having been recognized as a number one retirement community, Murray-Calloway County boasts a low cost of living, excellent health care facilities, and affordable recreation.

The young family looking for a great place to raise a family will be glad to call Murray-Calloway County home. Recognized as one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People and a Playful City USA, Murray Calloway County offers a multitude of activities for children of all ages. With beautiful parks and plenty of activities planned for the youth of our community, your child will be nurtured by this caring community. In addition, Murray-Calloway County is fortunate to boast top rated schools. Your child will have plenty of opportunity to get involved and succeed.

At the center of Murray’s success is Murray State University, a top ranked university as recognized by U.S. News America’s Best Colleges. Murray State University offers its students the best in education at a reasonable cost. In addition, Murray State University enhances the community with not only educational opportunities but with the many cultural and athletic events it provides for all members of the community. There is a tremendous synergy between Murray State University and the community which is exemplified with the Town and Gown program. This program helps to further enhance the relationship between the university and local businesses. As the university grows, so does our community.

Further helping our business community, the Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business is the home of two outreach centers: The Small Business Development Center and the Regional Business and Innovation Center. Both of these centers have as their mission to encourage, foster, and assist with business start-ups, business plans, and business development

Quality of life is a priority in Murray-Calloway County. Murray boasts of the best in readily available health care with state of the art medical facilities. A caring health community consisting of the best doctors and nurses from various disciplines will provide you with the comprehensive care that you need and desire. With wellness being a key to a healthy productive life, there are several wellness facilities that offer modern equipment. Furthermore they are staffed with knowledgeable health professionals to assist you with your fitness goals.

If the advancement of a society is measured in how they take care of those in need, then Murray-Calloway County is at the top of the barometer. A caring community, Murray- Calloway County reaches out to those in need through the many charitable organizations and agencies. A strong United Way and a culture of giving are staples in our community. This can also be attributed to by the strength of our local churches and religious organizations. There is a place for everyone to belong and get involved.

As far as activities, there is something for everyone. If you enjoy the outdoors, the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area sits at your front door. Whether you enjoy hiking, boating, hunting or fishing, there is ample opportunity to get your fill. If shopping and dining out are more your speed, you will be pleased to find that Murray-Calloway County has a restaurant or a store to meet your niche. And if you are looking for a play, a movie or a concert, there is sure to be a showing at one of the local venues.

Holding true to our agricultural roots, Murray-Calloway County prides itself on holding to traditional values and character. With much thanks to our growing industry and strong agricultural community, our work ethic is shown by our low unemployment rate. Local businesses thrive with the influx of people from nearby communities seeking the opportunity to dine and shop.

We welcome you to Murray-Calloway County and hope that you decide to stick around. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at the Murray-Calloway County Chamber of Commerce at 270-753-5171 or toll free at 1-800-900-5171. If you are in the area, please stop by. We are conveniently located at 805 North 12th Street. Stop in and let us show you around. You may just decide to stay.

Carolyn Todd

Carolyn Todd, Chamber of Commerce Board Chairman